"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned... so that we can have the life that is waiting for us!!!!"

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started off with breakfast in bed (I have the sweetest husband, I know), and two beautiful girls climbing in my bed!!!  Tae Tae smiled her biggest smile, followed by a cute "Happy Mother's Day Momma"!!!  I got a lot of hugs and kisses too!!!  She wanted to play, so she ran out of the room quite quickly after that!! ;)  Taleigha, however, stayed in bed with me.  She cuddled me up for a half an hour.... just laying in my arms (for anyone that actually knows Taleigha personally, knows that I don't get many moments like this with her)!  She actually just laid with me, occasionally caressing my face, giving me "nosies" a.k.a Eskimo kisses, and kisses!!  It was honestly an extremely cherished moment!  I softly spoke to her, telling her that Mommy loves her and that she is so very special to me!  I asked what she wanted to do with me on Mother's Day.... when all of a sudden, she looked into my eyes while holding my face and said, "Ha Eeee Momma Day"!!!  How in the world could I hold back my tears!?  I was balling (of course I did that with a ginormous smile on my face so that she knew they were happy tears!!!)  My daughter.... you know, the one that would "never talk".... just said HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to me!  There aren't enough words in the world that could explain what my heart felt in that moment!  I squeezed her.  I thanked her.  One memory I will never forget!?!  You bet!!!

Clint has been working so hard in his new position at work, and working such long hours that he wasn't able to take the girls and get me a Mother's Day present... Not that I expected one at all... but he felt bad about it.  Sooooo, he and the girls treated me out for a little shopping trip! ;)  The girls helped me pick out some "pretty dresses"!  It was a little hectic (lol), but a lot of fun!!!  Now I just need to get a little date night with the hubs so that I can actually wear my new dress! ;)

I am so incredibly blessed to have the daughters that I have.  How I ever got so lucky, I will never know.  But I will never take them for granted... Not ever!  They complete me!

Me and MY GIRLS!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quite a Week!

Today ends the 2nd Annual Cri Du Chat Awareness Week, and quite a week it has been!!!  

Ever since Taleigha was born, I have kept fairly "quiet" about her diagnosis of Cri Du Chat Syndrome.  I didn't post a whole lot on facebook, only shared information with certain people, and really didn't get very involved with too many other families with children with CDC (through support groups).  I guess you could say that I have kept a bit of a wall up when it came to Taleigha being special needs.  Facebook has been the biggest place that I have kept pretty "tight lipped" about it though.  I am not close friends with every single person that I have on facebook... some are old friends from school, some are new acquaintances, some are people that I really haven't talked to in a very long time, and so the fact that Taleigha had Cri Du Chat Syndrome was never really "put out there" for all to see.  It was mainly because I really wanted people to see Taleigha for who she really is, having no other preconceived  judgements based on a diagnosis or 'label'.  I wanted people to look at Taleigha - really look at her - and see her beauty.  It has also been because of my own need to really handle the news that my daughter's life may not be exactly what Clint and I had 'dreamed' it would be.  It's a very emotionally trying experience, this life as a parent of a special needs child, and it's a process to digest such information when you receive it.  It's a process that is hard to explain, and difficult for others to imagine... but each person handles things differently, and for me... I needed these years of 'privacy' to really get a hold of my new reality.  My life was changed, more than by just having a child... but by having a "diagnosis" as well.  I'm okay with that though.  I really am!  Because I know that Taleigha is a special little soul, and I know that she was hand picked to be in my life.  She was given to me for a reason and I know that I was meant to be her Mommy.  She has made me a better person.  She has taught me things in life... Showed me what was really truly important.  I am grateful for her.  I know I've said it a million times, and I will probably say it a million times more... It's not always easy, but the challenges and struggles that we go through... they cannot come close to the good, amazing, and wonderful things.  

My 'privacy' in the matter has never, ever been because I was not proud of my daughter, or ashamed, embarrassed, etc.  Please, let that be clear!!!  I have been in love with that girl since the day I found out I was expecting... and I have been proud of her every single day of her life.  
>>There would never be shame in something so amazing<<

It has been a changing time for me lately, though, as I have now openly shared the fact that Taleigha does have Cri Du Chat Syndrome.  I feel free to share that now, because I feel that in the [almost] four years that Taleigha has been here, people have had more than enough opportunity to really see who she is - even if it has only been from a distance.  I also know that I, myself, am in a place in my life that I feel comfortable letting people in a little more. 

I have to say how touched I am, especially over the course of this last week, by all of the outpouring support, kind words, love, compassion, and very pure acceptance that I has been given.  I am also so very grateful for all of my new "family" that has come into my life...
- my CDC family -
(as a side note: I very much welcome questions or discussions about Cri Du Chat Syndrome... or about Taleigha!  So if anyone wants to talk, please feel free to do so!) 
and I am raising awareness each and every day by sharing our story, and I am PROUD to do it!

i . am . PROUD . of . my . beautiful .Taleigha Karyce